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    Pastor Reilly was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and was raised in northern New Jersey.  He came to faith in Christ at the age of 24 after a bout with drugs and alcohol.  He served for 10 years on a church staff in West Milford, N.J., working with youth, young adults and in the churchís construction ministry.  Afterwards, he attended Columbia International University in Columbia, SC, where  he received a degree (MDIV) in pastoral studies.  He served as associate pastor for two years at a church in East Earl, PA, and as pastor for three years in Sheldondonville, MA.   He accepted a call to the pastorate at Somers Baptist in December 2010.
   John is married to Betty Jean.  They have two adult children, Jamie Lynn and Stephen, and two grandchildren, Rylee and Lucas.   Betty Jean is a strong support in the work of the ministry, joyfully opening their home for hospitality.  Pastor Reilly delights in teaching Godís Word and in the nurturing ministry of the church.  He enjoys teaching Bible Study and conducting service at one of the local correctional facilities. 
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Pastor Reilly

Sermon for Sunday January 24th,                                     

Synopsis: II Peter 1:1-8

          The Gospel is an announcement of what God has done on behalf of sinners through Jesus Christ.  II Peter begins with just such a focus.  Believers throughout time are the recipients of a like precious faith.  Our faith is a gift rooted not in our own merit, but in the righteousness of Christ.   Christ secures the multiplied blessings of grace and peace for us.  He provides a salvation fully adequate for living a God honoring life.   We are the beneficiaries of the magnificent promises of God.  The door of ongoing fellowship with the Lord is opened to us through the indwelling Holy Spirit.  These blessings come to sinners only through faith in Jesus Christ.  It is through faith in Him that we come to the saving knowledge of the God.  The fundamental problem of humanity is that sinners do not know God.  He has provided the remedy.  Christ died for sins that He might bring us to God (I Peter 3:19).   Belief in Christ is the beginning point of the true knowledge of God. 

          Peter writes to challenge believers, those who have responded in repentance and faith to the Gospel message, to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord (3:18).  While this is a significant challenge for sinners living in this fallen world, God has provided everything we need to obey this directive.  This Sunday we will examine the instruction given in chapter 1 verses 4-8.  The passage calls us to make every effort to grow in Christian graces.  We will be considering the Spiritís role and our role in the growth process.  The Outline:
I. The Corrosive Power of Lust
II. The Cleansing Power of the Spirit
III. The Budding Graces of Genuine Faith in Christ

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